How do I remain eligible for the $200 gift card drawing?

Question: I went to the doctor last year for my well visit, but won’t be going this year because of COVID-19-related concerns. 

Does this mean I’m not eligible for the $200 gift card drawing, even though it’s somewhat out of my control?

Answer: Because of similar concerns from others about getting to the doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve expanded the opportunity to win the $200 gift card to include health coaching with an Omada or Cigna health coach. 

Employees on the Cigna health plan who complete a wellness visit/annual physical or coaching with a Cigna or Omada coach between 1/1/2020 and 11/30/2020 will earn a chance to win a $200 gift card. 

You can also earn a chance to win a $50 gift card by taking the Cigna Health Risk Assessment on!

To get connected with a coach, call (855) 246-1873. 

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