The challenge is over (we had over 1000 participants!), but the fun must continue. We hope you enjoy a fabulous Wyoming State Parks Fall!

Stay tuned for the Fall Fitness Challenge coming up in early October where we compete once again with the State of Colorado. GO WYO! Look our for Wyoming on Wellness emails in September, or go to the events tab for updated information.

The winners of Wyoming State Parks Tour $50 Gift Cards for the Photograph Drawing are below. Thank you for participating!

What do I need to know about the Wyoming State Parks Tour Step Challenge?

You’re invited on a six-week adventure to boost your mental and physical health, earn Walkingspree points, and enter to win gift cards along the way! 

Best of all, if you’re already registered for Walkingspree, you don’t need to do a thing to get started; the new challenge will automatically load in your Walkingspree app when it begins on July 1. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Wyoming State Parks Tour Step Challenge! 

What are the benefits of doing a step challenge?

Joining a step challenge is wonderful motivation to get outside and enjoy our beautiful Wyoming summer. 

Additionally, spending time in nature has numerous benefits for your mental health, including lowered stress, increased feelings of relaxation, and increased happiness. 

With new step goals each week, you’ll be challenged to venture outside your normal routine and add in more opportunities to get those steps in—like taking a walk over lunch, enjoying a hike with family or friends, or exploring a new route next time you walk the dog.

What is the Wyoming State Parks Tour Step Challenge?

From Saturday, July 1, through Friday, August 11, we’ll be “visiting” six Wyoming state parks via the Walkingspree app:

Each week, you’ll walk your way “through” each park by meeting a specific daily step challenge, which increases each week: 

  • KEYHOLE: 5,000 avg. steps/day
  • HOT SPRINGS: 6,000 avg. steps/day
  • EKW: 7,000 avg. steps/day
  • GUERNSEY: 8,000 avg. steps/day
  • CURT GOWDY: 9,000 avg. steps/day
  • BEAR RIVER: 10,000 avg. steps/day

How do the Wyoming State Parks come into the challenge?

Each week highlights a different park, and each day of that week challenges you to meet a specific step goal. 

As you walk your way “through” that week’s featured park, you’ll track your progress on a map in the Walkingspree app. 

On the map, you can tap specific markers to learn interesting facts about the park you’re “visiting.” 

Additionally, if you visit any of the featured state parks in person during the challenge, you can enter to win a gift card!

Send your photo and the name of the park you’re exploring to, and we’ll enter you into a raffle drawing for a gift card. 

(We’ll be doing a drawing for each location, so be sure to submit a photo for each location you visit, whether that’s 1 or all 6!) 

What can I earn for participating? 

  • Up to 6 badges (200 points each) for completing each week’s daily step challenges and logging them in your Walkingspree app
    • Earn a total of 1200 points for completing the full challenge and earning all 6 badges 
  • Chance to win a gift card by visiting 1 or more parks in person
    • Send a photo of the park you’re exploring to to be entered into the raffle drawing

How do I sign up and start logging my steps?

If you’re already registered in Walkingspree, great news: You’ll be signed up for the challenge automatically! It’ll load in your app when the challenge begins July 1. 

If you’re not already using the Walkingspree app, click here to learn more about creating your account and getting started. 

On or after July 1, once you’ve downloaded and opened the Walkingspree app: 

  • Tap Sign Up
  • Select State of Wyoming from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the membership/redemption code WYOMINGONWELLNESS
  • Follow the prompts to connect your phone and/or devices 
Will the Walkingspree app sync with my Fitbit/Garmin?

Yes! To sync, you’ll open your Fitbit or Garmin app first, then open the Walkingspree app to ensure all steps are synced. We recommend doing this daily, or at least every few days.


From using your benefits, to using the Walkingspree app, we have the answers you need. Click here to send your question our way!

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