Health Assessment

Taking the Cigna Health Assessment—a quick, 10-minute survey about your health—is an important first step in your wellness journey! 

Year over year, you can compare your results to track your progress toward your personal wellness goals—whether that’s lowering your blood pressure, striving toward healthier cholesterol, or making small changes to improve your overall wellness. 

Earn 5,000 Walkingspree points for taking the Health Assessment! 

How to get the most accurate results

For the most accurate health assessment results, you’ll want to have the following numbers handy:

  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Blood pressure 
  • Current weight
  • Waist measurement 
  • Height

Don’t happen to have those numbers? No worries!

Just head to a health fair! As part of your plan, you’re covered for two blood screenings each year. Schedule a screening or call (800) 979-3711.

Ready to take the assessment?

Begin your health assessment today!