When you’re part of the Omada program, you’re part of a friendly, accepting community; an encouraging place to make small (but impactful) lifestyle changes that support your goals to lose weight, build healthy habits, and improve your overall health.

The Omada program is available at no cost if you (or your adult dependents) are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Wyomingites enrolled in the Omada Program

pounds lost by Wyoming participants

(Numbers as of July 1, 2023)

The Power of Prevention

How does the Omada Program work?


After acceptance into the program, you’ll receive a wireless smart scale—delivered right to your door! The scale will automatically sync your weight to your online account, no setup required. 

GET And Give Support

Throughout the program, you’ll get support from a professional health coach who can easily track your weight loss and provide personalized feedback.

In addition to connecting with your health coach, you’ll join a small, private group of fellow participants who share similar goals.

Celebrate Your Progress

Log in to your online account any time to see your progress, and, with the help of your coach, start to identify trends over time.

By understanding what is (and isn’t) working, you’ll be empowered to make meaningful decisions that improve your overall health—all at no cost to you.

Testimonials from around the state

Since I started with Omada, I have lost 9 lb. the first month and my eating habits have changed dramatically. I went from eating unhealthy processed food to healthy, all-natural food. This change in such a short time made me feel better about myself; I do not feel tired or dragged down during the day, and I sleep great at night. I also set up a physical fitness schedule and work out 5 days a week. I have not felt this good in some time; looking forward to the next month of the program. Omada has assisted with making a difference.

Mike, 44

I had a serious health situation occur out of the blue late in the year in 2019 that affected my lungs, and I have been on oxygen until about 3 weeks ago. I know that taking part in the Omada program has helped me get back to not having to use the oxygen supplement more quickly then if I were trying to do it without that push. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely shined a light on becoming more serious about my health goals.

Anonymous, 43

I had a ‘bad’ day of food choices, and I reached out to my coach. She didn’t judge me, or make any condescending remarks. She simply said, ‘Okay, what can you change for next time?’ It was like a light bulb went off….I didn’t have to berate myself or feel like I had just ruined all of my progress. This is life, and Omada helps give you the tools to navigate healthier choices while not having to be the person who ‘can’t eat this or that’.

Robin, 32

I feel the major difference with my Omada coach. She’s a real, live person that is there for us. If I had a question or was feeling down or whatever, my coach was right there with encouragement. She was also really good about keeping an eye on my food intake and suggesting a healthier option than the one I chose.

BJ, 49

I have lost roughly 20 pounds in the 16 weeks I have been using Omada; results speak for themselves! I’m probably one of a very few who have actually lost weight while social distancing.

Tod, 51

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