How to get the best results from your Cigna Health Assessment

Want to get the absolute best results from your Cigna Health Assessment? Here’s our pro tip: 

Fill out your health assessment with information from your most recent blood screening!

Not only does this information provide a great “snapshot” of your current health (including total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and blood pressure), it also creates an easy way to compare your health year over year and ensure you’re on track with your wellness goals. 

Haven’t completed your free blood screening yet? Now is the perfect time—and here’s why it matters. 

Why to get a blood screening before taking your health assessment 

If you’re a State of Wyoming employee on the Cigna health plan, you’re eligible for two free blood chemistry panels—also called screenings—each calendar year. (We recommend scheduling your first screening in the winter, and the second in the spring.)

Your blood screening will provide you with important information, including cholesterol and blood pressure, that ensures you get the best—and most helpful—results on your Cigna Health Assessment. 

Which blood screenings does my Cigna health plan cover? 

When delivered by a doctor (or other provider in the Cigna health plan network) or through Wyoming Health Fairs, the screenings below are completely covered by your health plan: 

  • Blood Chemistry Panel
  • Ferritin 
  • Hemoglobin A1C 
  • Hemogram (CBC) with Differential
  • Hepatitis C Antibody 
  • PSA Screening for Men
  • Thyroid Panel 1 (T3 Uptake, Total T4) 
  • Thyroid Panel 2 (Free T3 and Free T4) 
  • Vitamin D screening (based on age and covered medical diagnosis)

How to schedule a blood screening 

It couldn’t be easier! Visit Wyoming Health Fairs to make an appointment at an event near you. 

What you’ll learn from the Cigna Health Assessment

Spend just 10 minutes (or less) completing your assessment, and you’ll receive a personalized plan for meeting your current wellness goals—including easy ways you can enhance your existing health and wellness habits!

Take the Cigna Health Assessment today

Make sure you have your MyCigna login information—and, of course, the results from your blood screening—handy, then click here to log in and begin. 

Do you have questions about blood screenings or your health assessment?

We have the answers you need, and we’re just an email away.

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