What are the Cigna Steps?

We’re so excited to be part of your journey toward better health! To ensure you’re making the most of your health plan benefits, follow the four simple steps below.

STEP 1: MyCigna Registration 

If you haven’t registered on MyCigna.com yet, you’re missing out! (Plus, you won’t be eligible for a $10 e-gift card; see step 3.) Don’t worry; registration takes no time at all, and we’re here to walk you through it. 

STEP 2: Blood Draw

As part of your health plan—or as an eligible employee, spouse, retiree, or dependent (12 years and older) on the State of Wyoming Health Plan—you’re eligible for two free blood chemistry panels per calendar year, plus the additional preventative screenings, panels and vaccines listed here. (If applicable, when scheduling, make sure you identify yourself as being insured through the State of Wyoming). You’ll use the results from your draw to complete step 3.

 STEP 3: health assessment

Use the results from your blood draw to take this quick, 10-minute survey about your health. Year over year, you can compare your results to track your progress toward your personal wellness goals. Earn 5,000 Walkingspree points for taking the health assessment survey on myCigna.com!

STEP 4: Annual check-up 

At your no-cost preventive check-up, you and your in-network doctor can go over the results of your blood draw together. This is a wonderful opportunity to set wellness goals for the year and address any concerns from your blood draw results.

Click here to prepare and plan for your upcoming visit with your doctor!

you’re on your way!

Now that you’ve completed the Cigna steps, you’re ready to begin exploring programs and events that support the healthy lifestyle you want to live!