What are the benefits of doing a Walkingspree challenge?

This year, we’re excited to offer all your favorite wellness challenges through the Walkingspree app! 

The benefits of doing a challenge through the app include:

  • Opportunities to earn points (up to 1000 per challenge) by participating
  • Enhanced physical health 
  • A boost in mental health 
  • Learning fun facts and tips about mental and physical health
  • Encouragement to incorporate the practices you’ve learned during the challenge into your daily life

How to sign up for a Walkingspree challenge

If you’re new to Walkingspree and creating an account:

  • Download and open the Walkingspree app
  • Tap “sign up”
  • Select State of Wyoming from the drop down for Company Name
  • Complete sign-up by using WYOMINGONWELLNESS for the authentication code

If you already have a Walkingspree account:

  • Open the Walkingspree app and log in using your username and password.

If you don’t have a smartphone, or you’re having trouble signing up, click here to send us an email; we’re happy to help you get started! 

What other questions can we answer for you?

From using your benefits, to using the Walkingspree app, we have the answers you need. Click here to send your question our way! 

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Welcome to Wyoming on Wellness

We’re so excited to be part of your journey toward better health, and you’ll find all the tools you need to get started right here on this page. We think you’ll be WOW’ed by the amount of services available to you—just for participating in the Cigna health plan.