Where can I watch webinars to earn Walkingspree points?

We get it: Sometimes, schedules just don’t line up for you to be able to tune in when a webinar is live! 

Luckily, many of our webinars are available for you to watch on demand, when and where it fits in with your schedule. 

As a reminder, you can receive 1,000 Walkingspree points per webinar you attend. Email WyomingHealthyLife@cigna.com and we’ll get those points added. 

We’ll be updating this post throughout the year to include links to 2023 webinars, as they become available!

2023 Webinars You Can Watch to Earn Walkingspree Points

Recovery or Recession by Matt Gill (February 8)

Getting Fiscally Fit by Matt Gill

Making Sense of Mortgages (May 17)

Estate Planning Made Simple (July 12)

Sustainable Income Options in Retirement (August 16)

Minor Missteps or Major Mistakes? (October 5)

Pressing Pause – Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep Webinar by Omada (October 18)

Saving, Investing, & Speculating, What’s the Difference? (November 1)

What is Your Money Personality? (December 6)

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