How do I get a discounted Garmin fitness tracker through Cigna?

Question: I see that you can get Garmin fitness tracker discounts through (Click on the ‘Wellness’ tab, then ‘Exercise’ and scroll to down to see ‘Garmin Device Discounts’.) The device I was interested in was cheaper at Walmart. What’s up with that?

Answer: It sounds like you’re a smart shopper! Some of the devices on the Cigna Garmin page are a little more or the same price as purchasing through large retailers who purchase in bulk, such as Walmart and Best Buy. But for the newer models that aren’t carried by all retailers, the myCigna Garmin discount guide has deep discounts that you likely won’t find elsewhere. So keep up your comparison shopping and find the best price for the device that works for you. The Garmin discount option through Cigna is another option for you, and not available to the public, so you just might find a deal you can’t find elsewhere or refuse!

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