How can I earn Walkingspree points outside of challenges?

No challenges… no problem! You have so many ways to earn points (and improve your health) when we don’t have a fun challenge going on. 

For example, you can earn Walkingspree points by… 

Taking a daily walk 

Aim for 10,000 steps a day to earn 9 points each day and maximize your point-earning power! 

(Pro tip: Log 12,000 steps a day for 5 consecutive days to earn 100 bonus points.)

See how easy it is to log your steps in the Walkingspree app by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Working out at home

In your Walkingspree app, you have free, on-demand access to a variety of Les Mills workout videos. (They’re known for being “the world’s most motivating workouts on demand” for a reason!) 

For each video you complete, you’ll earn 50 points. 

Getting a blood draw 

As part of your health plan, you’re eligible for two free blood chemistry panels per calendar year. Complete both, and you’ll earn 2,000 points! 

Learn more about upcoming blood draws with Wyoming Health Fairs and how to schedule yours here.

Attending an event

Each seminar, webinar or other Wyoming on Wellness event you attend earns you 1,000 points. Check out our Events calendar to see what’s happening next. 

Taking the Cigna Health Assessment

5,000 (!) points—and a $10 e-gift-card—are yours for the taking once you’ve completed this quick assessment. Get started here

Completing an annual well visit

Attend your annual, no-cost preventive check-up with your in-network doctor, and you’ll get 5,000 points!

Click here to see how to prepare for (and make the most of) your visit. 


From using your benefits, to using the Walkingspree app, we have the answers you need. Click here to send your question our way!

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