Wyoming on Wellness Podcast: Tips for a Productive & Empowering Doctor’s Appointment

There you are, sitting at the edge of the paper-wrapped exam room table.

Today, you came in with a purpose, and it’s only now—the moment when the doctor’s just left the room and your appointment is over—that you start thinking about all the questions you wished you would’ve asked.

Luckily, after today’s episode, you’ll never have to feel that wave of disappointment again.

Instead, with help from local family practitioner Kris Martino, host Alice Burron (Wyoming on Wellness program director) outlines a plan for you to maximize your time with your doctor, starting before you even leave the house.

From tracking symptoms, to speaking up about your preferences, here’s what a real Wyoming practitioner has to say about maximizing your time with your doctor, and what you can do to make your next appointment a productive and empowering one.

Listen to Episode 3: Tips for a Productive & Empowering Doctor’s Appointment


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