Wyoming on Wellness Podcast: Building Resolutions Around Habits, Feelings, and Joy

Before you start this episode… think about one of your goals. It could be your New Year’s resolution, a goal you’ve set recently, or even a long-term goal you’ve been working on for years.

Now, keep that goal in mind as you listen in, because Wyoming writer, fitness blogger, and higher education instructor Erin Nitschke provides exactly the spark and encouragement you need to make that goal a reality.

We can’t wait to share what we learned from Alice’s conversation with Erin, including the keys to long-term success, two important questions to ask yourself when building goals or resolutions, how to create a “week that works,” and what it means to build resolutions around habits, feelings, and joy.

Listen to Episode 2: Building Resolutions Around Habits, Feelings, and Joy with Erin Nitschke


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